The potential for business in the digital era is very larg

The potential for business in the digital era is very large, because there are still many business lands that have not been worked out optimally. Meanwhile, the number of existing businesses is still small. So, the opportunity to open new businesses or duplicate existing ones is still very potential.

By implementing a digital-based business, you can easily sell various products to potential customers. This automatically can also help the development of MSME businesses because they can have a wider customer coverage.

This business development was also followed by the skyrocketing number of smartphone users in Indonesia. According to the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association, currently domestic internet users reach 132.7 million people. And, most of them access the internet from a smartphone.

Well, from the delivery along with existing data. So, it can be concluded that the potential of this digital business is very good and will be even brighter in the future.

Digital Business Ideas
After you know the meaning and how the digital potential of business is. So, now you need to know what digital-based business ideas can be chosen to achieve the desired goals and profits.

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